I am glad you found my website, and certainly hope it inspires you to be creative.

I have many more paintings which I am hoping to display in my galleries at a later date. I also plan to increase my galleries to display photographs, sculptures and other projects I have worked on, although that is currently in the planning department. As I usually say:” I will get around to it.”

At present I am working on an exhibition that will include paintings, some 3D works (hopefully), creative food and a live band to add to the overall ambience. I will also be designing a set for the stage just for the opening night.  I  have not yet set a date for the show at this stage. I am also planning to film the event and post it on this website if I am able. Due to other responsibilities and time restrictions it has become a slow process, but I will keep everyone informed.

I also have some other projects I am working on, but I will enlighten you on these when I get past the initial design concept stages. You can see some previews of my new work and other interests at aretsart on google.

My art works are for sale, so please email me at aretsart@gmail.com for all enquiries or just make an offer.

Once again, thank you for looking at my site, and please feel free to email me with your thoughts, suggestions or questions about my work. And if there is anything creative happening in your life, please share it with me, because that also inspires me to keep on creating.