I guess I have always been artistic and creative.

During my school years I was always asked to draw  pictures for my peers, often with surreal and fantasy themes. I also painted murals on the bedroom walls of my friends. And having a flair for fashion, most of the clothing I wore was redesigned in one way or another to express  a more alternative view of the time.

In 1981  I purchased a SLR camera and for some years experimented with various photographic techniques which includes processing and developing B/W images. I still enjoy photography today with  digital technology adding just another dimension for creativity.

At the start of 1985 I was fortunate to grab a community arts traineeship working on the Sydney Youth Festival. This requiring me to work in various areas of the arts which includes the following: painting, drawing, designing, writing, photography, administration, prop and set making, performing, film and video, puppetry and some teaching in schools and variety of other related projects. This afforded me the opportunity to work in multifarious areas of the arts and also  work with all types of interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds.This experience gave me a taste of all aspects of the creative spectrum which I continue to develop and redefine.

During these early years I painted the “Plastic Art” series and the “Open Spaces” series, developing  my own painting style and technique that I continue to redefine to this day.

1986 saw me work as a freelance photographer and artist /cartoonist. I was also involved with the invigorating street theatre group “Hit and Run”, performing in a variety of venues and settings. I also had some input into the South Pacific Festival and did the sign writing for the “Bicentennial Travelling Exhibition”.

In 1989 I was employed as a function photographer in various venues through the Greater Sydney area. I also concentrated on my B/W photographic and darkroom techniques. I also painted the ” Maze” series.

1997 saw me undertake a small business management course and began my first art company called “Art-Bay” which created large works for the corporate sector to enhance the business image. I was also teaching fantasy art and caricature at the Southern Adult Education College. I put “Art-Bay” to rest in 2002.

At present, I paint primarily for private collections and exhibitions, but also get regular requests  for murals,  illustrations, caricatures and interior concepts.

I live with my family on tranquil picturesque South Coast of NSW,  Australia. The clear blue waters with family pods of dolphins, white sand and bush settings continue to awe and inspire me to paint and take photos and live a creative existence as long as I have breath in me.